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5 Tips to Make the Holiday Season Less Stressful!

Christmas Doula

Like many others, the holiday season is my time of year!

December brings many beautiful sights and smells, spending time with loved ones and of course all of the delicious food. Although the holidays are filled with joy and happiness they can also be very stressful and quite frankly exhausting, especially if you’re pregnant or chasing little ones around!

Here are five ways to make your holiday season a little less crazy.

Bake ahead!

Who doesn’t love having cookies around the house during the holidays? I always make mine at the last minute and it’s always a race against the clock. A lovely lady shared a tip with me last year and I can’t wait to try it! Do your baking over the month of December while baby is napping or you have some free time to yourself and freeze them. Take them out of the freezer the night before and voila, homemade cookies for all to enjoy!

It’s okay to say no.

Many of us feel like we need to make an appearance at every holiday gathering we’ve been invited to. Sometimes with a new baby that’s not always feasible, don’t feel bad if you have to decline an invite. Your friends and family will understand!

Accept the help that’s being offered!

Is your sister in law offering to bring the pies to your holiday dinner? Is your brother offering to make the turkey this year? Accept the help and take a little bit of stress of your shoulders! Yes, you are super woman. But you don’t always have to take on everything yourself.

Take advantage of free gift wrapping!

Many stores offer gift wrapping at very little to no extra cost. Next time you’re at the checkout this holiday season ask about gift wrapping. That’s one more task you can check off your list, plus no having to hide gifts since they’re already wrapped when you bring them home!

Enjoy yourself and be present!

Whether this is your baby’s first holiday or their 5th it’s always just as magical! Let yourself take some time to enjoy the day and take it in, I know there’s lots to get done but it can all wait. Your child will only be little for so long and these memories are worth their weight in gold!

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