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Our Clients Say
The Doula Group is proud to have helped countless people deliver their babies, guiding them and their significant others through their first steps as growing families. Every relationship is important and special to us, and it is our pleasure to share with you some of our favourite stories and feedback.


When embarking on my second journey of motherhood I knew I wanted a beautiful supportive group of women by my side. We are forever grateful to have our home birth with such grace and tranquility; a divine group of women who truly care.

KV 2024

Flowers in Glass Jar


Rachel was caring, attentive, supportive and knowledgeable. She had a sense of what I needed without my needing to express it. She gave me a sense of peace, love and safety during my labour. I was lucky to have her on my little one’s journey earth side. I’d have her there a million times over.

AR 2023

Graphic Spiral


My husband and I highly recommend Rachel as a doula. With our previous baby we had a cesarean so there was more risk but with her by our side during pregnancy and labour I felt much more confident and calm. She got us through active labour and used different techniques to ease labour pains/ discomfort. This was our fourth baby and I was able to finally have my natural birth that I’ve always dreamed of! I credit much of that to Rachel’s presence and experience! 

KF 2023


After Christy attended my first birth, I knew I wanted her at my second. She was pivotal in keeping me focused and coping with pain in a constructive way. She guided my husband as much as she guided me through the whole process. He loved that she coached him into a place where he knew how to better support me. It was so nice having someone with such a calming presence be so attentive to both of our needs the whole time. I loved how she reminded me to do things like, stay hydrated, go to the bathroom frequently and to keep moving. Things I either forgot to do or didn't want to do but were so important. She advocated for me when things weren't going smoothly and collaborated well with the whole medical team.

BG 2024



After having gone through the IVF process to become pregnant, one important thing we learned was you need to have good support around you. We felt an immediate connection with Debra. All through pregnancy and during the birth, Debra was a wealth of knowledge helping make sure we were getting the information we needed to make decisions and always provided that comforting presence, which helped make what could’ve been an extremely stressful experience more positive. I wouldn’t hesitate to have her (or any doula at The Doula Group) help support us again.

KT 2024

Leaf Stem


My experience with Melissa's classes was nothing like I expected. I quickly realized that I didn't know what I didn't know. Each class was eye-opening and filled with valuable information that I had never even considered. Melissa's approach to prenatal education was holistic and comprehensive, covering not just the physical aspects of pregnancy and labour, but also the emotional and mental aspects. My partner and I hit labour with confidence, and I am so grateful for his support. He was not just a bystander during the labour process; he was an active participant, thanks to the knowledge and skills we gained from Melissa's classes.

TBB 2024

Earth and Space


Pamela was more than amazing, I'm so grateful to have had her as our Doula. I couldn't imagine the birth experience without her as our Doula!

NM 2020

Dandelion Leaves


Debra helped me stay focused during labour especially in the pushing stage. She was very supportive, informative and knew what was needed at every stage. I am really glad I got the chance to work with her and hope to be able to do so again in the future.


Pamela was amazing.  Especially when my birth plan had to change and be nothing like I wanted. She made me feel calm and safe and in control of my new plan. 

She was amazing. 

Will be using her for all my babiesssss.

MD 2019

DM 2019


We loved Debra as our doula. I don’t know fully how to explain it, but she knew exactly what I needed when I needed it during labour. And she left us with the gift of photos. Amazing all around.

KB 2019


Shannon listens and provides the right amount of support. I had a quick and relatively easy pregnancy and labour twice and felt Shannon was there for me when i needed her. My experience has been fantastic and i would highly recommend Shannon.

LM 2019


Debra is amazing!!! This eval doesn't reflect her support because the baby didn't wait for her to arrive. She was amazing after the delivery once she arrived!

TSJ 2019


To you Debra - I cannot begin to thank you enough for being by my side to help me navigate pregnancy, pregnancy loss, and the births of both of our daughters. You weren’t there to made decisions, or provide medical care, what you did was far more  invaluable - you made sure that I felt empowered, confident and supported during a time that can be so vulnerable, and unpredictable. Thank you for continuing to exceed my expectations, and for becoming an extension of our family. I couldn’t imagine rocking this birth thing without you. Until next time.

NS 2019


Shannon is amazing! While always still professional, having Shannon as a doula is like having a super helpful and informative friend come over! Her help is extremely valuable and the whole family benefits from her support.

Identifier Withheld 2019


I had an excellent experience with Pamela, and would hire her again. I'm so thankful that I had her to help me before, during and after my labour.

DS 2019

Evaluations of Our Services Are Important Feedback

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Taylor really helped to make my labour and delivery a better experience. She guided me throughout the process and provided me and my husband comfort with her direct, calm tone and positive energy. Taylor knew what to do and say at the right time. She also made herself available postpartum for any questions or concerns. Taylor is very knowledgeable and made us feel comfortable and cared for throughout the whole experience.

DK 2019


I just wanted to thank you again from deepest parts of me. Having you there made the biggest difference. I felt cared for and well supported through everything. My partner feels the same.

You have a wonderful sense of intuition and I appreciate both the comfort and space you gave us. You knew just the right times to come and go (and you give a mean back massage).


You’re a special woman and you’re going to do amazing things for families on your journey.


We are happy to recommend you.

RB 2019


We went to prenatal classes with our first baby.  I read a lot and felt very educated through a variety of sources. But. On birth day. The whole thing became a sh*t show from the first hour. My partner was overwhelmed and we couldn't help each other.  We took prenatal classes with Melissa before the birth of our second baby. Mostly because I knew I needed more than I had the first time and someone recommended them to me.  I feel like if I knew then what I learned in these classes, the whole first birth would have been completely different for both of us.  

AP 2019


Kerri was extremely supportive throughout the entire process - from making us feel comfortable having someone we don’t know in our home, to allowing us to sleep through the night, trusting that our daughter was in good hands. She helped us with feeding and sleeping and even provided us with a plan to help when she wasn’t around. She is very flexible and always does her best to accommodate our needs. I would highly recommend her services.

AM 2019


Kerri was very professional and always available. She got back to us pretty quickly whenever we were in contact and due to my labour being pretty short I feel like she did what she could given the quick process. I found the before and after support useful and it helped us be more comfortable with the whole process of birthing and also becoming new parents. Thanks to Kerri for being there for us during this big change in our lives.

VH 2019


"As a doula, Melissa is one of the most practiced doulas in our province. As a doula trainer, her experience and knowledge are invaluable and she shares them in the most interesting ways. She’s been the inspiration and catalyst for many doulas in many countries who’ve passed through her hands into the world of birth work. I’m very grateful the stars aligned and we were connected when I was looking for doula training workshops."

JR 2019


"Without Taylor’s continued support through my very long labour for not only myself but also my partner and my mother, it would have been a stressful and negative experience. Even when things were not going to plan I knew she was there and had my back to talk me through and motivate me (and my partner) to get through the next hurdle. She always knew what to say to get me through the next contraction and validated what I was experiencing. Taylor is caring and compassionate and absolutely amazing!"

VG 2019


"We were fortunate to have Debra at the births of both of our daughters. She provided a calming presence and supported both of us during and supported both of us during and after the process. We wanted a Doula present so that Dad could focus on the birth and that Mom felt surrounded by support. Debra intuitively knew what to do to provide comfort when I was in pain, when to urge me forward, and how to encourage us to be our own best advocate. Thanks to her guidance we labour at home in comfortable surroundings and we had a satisfying hospital birth with only as much intervention as necessary. More importantly we both felt that the birth experiences were positive events. We can not imagine our daugters births without her there. She dispelled the fear and enabled us to be present for the most important moments in our lives. She will forever be an important and vital part of the births of our daughters and we hope they will grow up knowing their fantastic doula! 


"Shannon was amazing! I can't say enough good things about her and this experience with her, it was my first time working with a doula and I'm so glad I met her. She was the calm and informed person I needed and when I did call on her she was always there for me and went above and beyond expectations. I can't thank her enough for being there to drive me to the hospital and supporting me with so much throughout the pregnancy, delivery and postpartum"

KW 2017

AS 2019


"Shannon was my birth doula and postpartum doula, we forged a wonderful relationship that I felt most at ease, relaxed and trust that I requested her as my postpartum doula as well. From the moment I met Shannon I felt she was the best fit for me and my family. Shannon has a particular style of explaining things and her knowledge and support was outstanding. I felt confident that she would be a great help during my recovery period. Shannon is a professional, offering great advice and sharing of information, she was a great resource to have from and I felt completely comfortable with her. In a chaotic life changing time, Shannon was an amazing support during the pregnancy and transition of life with a newborn."

AS 2019


"Pamela was an incredible birth doula to have by my side in my birth journey. She was supportive, empowering, informative, and always kind. During pregnancy she offered fantastic information on what my body was going through and what was to come. She shared very helpful methods to relieve pain and discomfort when I was having pain in my lower back. She shared a wealth of knowledge, explained everything thoroughly, and was always open to answering any questions I had. When labour began she was there for me from the first contraction to the last and even actively coached me through the process of pushing. Pamela even took the time to take some of the best pictures capturing some of the most precious moments of my baby’s birth. She was also fantastic with postpartum support and I have greatly enjoyed her time with us and our growing family. Words can not describe how thankful I am for the support Pamela shared with us. Truly the best experience for a first time mom."


“I was so terrified to give birth that I put it off for many years. When I became pregnant, I knew I needed help. Enter Sarah, my amazing doula. Through many meetings, she taught me how to not be afraid of this process, and really helped me to embrace all aspects. I knew I could count on her for all my first-timer questions and worries, and she was always happy to answer them. She understood that my husband and I wanted this to be a good experience for both of us. When the big day came, Sarah was there to help me through with, and often did so through my husband, which made him look like a rockstar! Our birth experience was phenomenal, and it had so much to do with all the conversations Sarah and I had months before. I can't explain how thankful I was to have such an amazingly compassionate, understanding woman in the room who knew my needs. I will look back on my daughter's birth for the rest of my life very fondly, which is absolutely priceless. Thank you so much Sarah!”

AK 2019

LB 2019

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"Shannon is an excellent Doula, she is calm and rationale. She is able to provide the right information and environment to make you feel comfortable and well informed. Having her their every step of the way was pleasant. I will recommend Shannon to everyone I know who is interested in having a Doula."

JB 2019


"I was Taylor's first birth and hope she has many more to come! She was awesome!"


“Melissa's workshops are life changing. She is professional, competent, caring and understands the labouring woman like no other. I have absolutely no reservations in recommending Melissa's doula workshops or doula support services which are highly sought after.

MK 2019

JK 2019


It’s hard to know what your birth story will be... Although the end result is the same, everyone has their own story, their own journey and their own miracle.  My partner and I had a definite vision for the birth of our daughter; we wanted  things to be relaxed, casual and fun - just like us.

Even though we felt that we would labour very well together, the idea of having a person beside us made so much sense. Would a successful team go into the biggest game of their lives without a coach? Debra’s guidance in the months & weeks leading up to our daughters birth was something that was so incredibly helpful. In chatting with her, we became more prepared and educated and in the process were even more focused on each others wishes and needs during the birth. In the long & anxious days leading up to our daughter’s birth, who was 12 days over due, Debra maintained constant contact with us to ensure questions were answered and little signs of labour were explained.


On the day that our baby was born, Debra guided us through the waves of labour, encouraging us to find our way on our journey to meet our baby girl. We were supported constantly by her words of wisdom and experience, her soft touch when my partner needed to rest, and her endless presence if we ever needed reassurance. I suppose we anticipated all of the above, after all we knew what role a Doula plays in a birth. What we didn't expect was the overwhelming sense of love we felt with her by our sides before, during and after our baby’s birth. I believe that when you are in the presence of love, you can do anything. Thank you Debra, for all the love you shared with us the day that our baby was born. We will be forever grateful and blessed to have had you beside us.”

NS 2012


“Kerri Davy is a very comfortable, positive, and compassionate person. My husband and I are honored to have had a wonderful experience working with her.  I did a lot of research trying to find the best doula
who would meet our needs and it was a little intimidating not knowing who we could trust. Kerri was able to accommodate our needs with a short notice. When trying to decide whether or not to have a doula, as a first time mother, I would say it was worth it and would definitely work with Kerri again in the future. Thank you, Kerri, for being there with our family and giving us a great first birth experience!”

KH 2018


"I had no idea why I needed a doula when we hired Debra. After giving birth I KNOW why! I don’t know how I would have done it without her knowledge and guidance during every single step. Debra truly has a gift as well as a professionalism that makes you feel confident and safe."

HD 2018


"The postpartum support was part of my package and i thought it was the most beneficial part. I had no idea how important the post partum support would be until after I gave birth to my son. Thank you Kerri for your wonderful support, helpful tips and just being there on my new motherhood journey."

DW 2018


“It was upon meeting Sarah in person that I made up my mind that having a doula at the birth of my first child would benefit me, my husband and newborn.  She answered all my questions and even helped me fill out forms for the hospital even before I decided on a retainer.

Sarah and her doula partner, Shannon Graham, really care for their clients well-being. We all met twice before the delivery date to pull together my birth plan and to answer any questions we had. These early sessions were very useful, since they prompted me to ask a lot of questions of my OB.Although it was Shannon that attended my delivery, I appreciate all the guidance Sarah provided my family early on.  Sarah picked up my 3am call from the hospital and made sure that Shannon was by my side as soon as possible.

In the end, although I planned on getting an epidural, with the help of my doula, I was able to delivery vaginally with no drugs, after 8 hours of labour.
Postpartum follow-up calls, e-mails and a visit from Shannon were good opportunities to get some first-time mom worries off my chest.  I would recommend doulas to anyone deliverying a baby for the first time.

If you were the bride that benefited from a wedding planner, then you'll be the type to benefit from a doula on the day of your delivery.”

CM 2019


“Having Sarah as my doula was the best thing that could have happen to me. Sarah is very kind and patient. She answered all of my questions, reassured me when I needed and helped me getting ready to materially welcome my twins. Thanks to her I had a great experience.
After the birth, she came to help me with breastfeeding, helped me taking care of myself. She knew exactly what I was going through.  Sarah has become a friend, and I love getting her tips on how to raise my children.  I don't know how my pregnancy would have been without her, but I know how great the experience was with her. All along she was reassuring and made it possible for me to arrive in the best shape and mood for delivery. Thank you again, I wish all pregnant women had a doula as good as her to care for them."

AM 2018


“Debra Bowser came highly recommended after talking to many people in the Doula industry. It only took a few moments during our first meeting to feel her supportive / calm nature and we knew she was a perfect match to join us in welcoming our daughter into the world. After loosing our first daughter there were many emotional challenges attached to entering into another labor. Debra helped us to think about how we were going to cope with these challenges and face related anxieties. Her support helped us be fully present during the birth of our daughter Elise. Thank you Debra for your pregnancy tips, birthing experience that provided us with reassurance, and your newborn advice. It was a wonderful feeling to know you were only a text/phone call away to help with whatever we needed. Debra Bowser's kind-loving-caring professional demeanor makes her an exceptional Doula. I highly recommend her to join you on your journey of welcoming your precious baby into your arms.”


"Kerri has been an incredible help to my husband and I through the first few sleep-deprived months with a new baby. We hired her as a sleep doula to come in 2-3 nights per week for the first three months after our son was born. We quickly labeled Kerri the “baby whisperer” for her ability to calm our baby and help him have a comfortable (and long!) sleep during the night. Kerri was a pleasure to have around – always a friendly smile on arrival and happy to lend an ear to chat with a mom largely housebound after a c-section. She showed genuine care for our baby and for how we were coping as a family. Being back at work within days of having my son, the ability to have a few good nights of sleep each week was instrumental in my ability to manage. I would highly recommend Kerri. ”

AH 2013

MS 2017


Shannon was amazing! I can't say enough good things about her and this experience with her, it was my first time working with a doula and I'm so glad I met her. She was the calm and informed person I needed and when I did call on her she was always there for me and went above and beyond expectations. I can't thank her enough for being there to drive me to the hospital and supporting me with so much throughout the pregnancy, delivery and postpartum.

AS 2018


“We used Kerri as our Doula for the birth of our 3rd child.  Of all 3 of my children's births this one was the best experience and I can honestly say
that it was because of Kerri's support.  Kerri knew exactly what I needed, when I needed it. Her encouragement, words of wisdom and presence during the labour and delivery were a critical part of what made this experience so positive.  Thank you, Kerri!”


“Through the active labour, Shannon was a solid isle of calm and reassurance. She helped with counter pressure massage, words of encouragement and by sometimes just by enfolding me in a hug.  My husband really appreciated having the extra help and was still very actively engaged in the delivery.  I remember hearing Shannon  and my husband on either side reminding me of productive breathing so I didn't pass out. Holding two sets of hands instead of one was really helpful.  Postpartum follow-up calls, e-mails and a visit from Shannon were good opportunities to get some first-time mom worries off my chest.  Shannon has a gentle reassuring calm.  I would recommend Shannon, and doulas in general, for baby births. ”

AK 2018

AK 2018

Evaluations of Our Services Are Important Feedback

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"To suggest that I would have been able to have three successful VBACs without Melissa's love and support is crazy.  She was there for me every step of the way and my husband and I wouldn't of been able to do it without her.  She was supportive, engaged, funny and irreplaceable throughout the whole experience.  I was able to avoid the dreaded hospital gown, walk the halls, ask questions, request changes and come out of the whole experience feeling like I had been in charge throughout.  There were so many hard sections where I can remember staring into her eyes and feeling her strength staring right back at me. Melissa Cowl became an intregal part of our birth process and I couldn't imagine having a baby without her."

TH 2013


"During the labour that seemed so overwhelming, you were such a source of peace. To have your face to focus on, your voice to encourage, to  

breathe with you made it so much easier to just obey and do, rather than question and worry – my natural instinct. Thank you for taking care of me, for making me feel nurtured even while instilling confidence. You were aware of my needs even before I was. Thank you for providing the safety net for me. Thank you for bringing the feeling of security and comfort to my birth experience... Debra, you are an amazing Doula."

DC 2011


"When I first found out I was pregnant I panicked, thinking I’ll never be able to cope with the pain during labor. The Doula Group helped me find the right doula who turned my fears into a magical, beautiful memory.”

JR 2017


“We’re ever so grateful for the caring, reliable and professional service we received from The Doula Group throughout my pregnancy and postpartum. You’ll always be considered part of our family.”


“The approach of The Doula Group was professional, personal and incredibly supportive from the very first call. They helped me choose the perfect doula who was there for me whenever and wherever I needed them.”

BR 2017

AD 2017

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