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Meet the Doulas

Committed to Your Growing Family

As you embark on life’s biggest adventure, we believe you deserve the highest level of care and guidance. The Doula Group is a team of experienced, reliable and compassionate professionals who provide the support you need for a happy and healthy birthing experience. Book a complimentary consultation today to connect with our collective.

Debra Bowser
Executive Director

Debra will work closely with you to make sure you are ready and confident about every aspect of your own personal birthing process. As a certified doula for nearly 20 years, Debra has gained respect from local healthcare providers, helping to strengthen your birthing team and solidify a positive labour environment. Her goal is to ensure you look back on your birth as a positive experience.

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Debra Bowser Doula Barrie
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Sarah MacDougall Doula

Sarah MacDougall
Director of People Operations

Sarah believes that providing women and their families with the support they need can make giving birth a positive and healthy experience. Combined with a successful, independent career in healthcare administration, Sarah joined us at The Doula Group more than five years ago.

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Kerri Davy

Kerri is a Certified Birth & Postpartum Doula, and soon to be Sleep Educator and Bereavement Doula. Kerri has been serving families for 11 years. She brings a deeply held belief that when women and couples are supported, listened to, and provided unbiased information they will make empowered decisions that are best for them and their family. Kerri offers a vast array of knowledge, skills and local resources to support clients .

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Pamela Verrelli

Pamela is a certified birth doula and a postpartum doula. Her core belief is that every woman deserves to birth their way and will assist you in reaching your birth goals. As a mom of 3 herself, she understands the importance that postpartum support provides, helping new and experienced moms navigate their lives with a newborn.

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Rachel Cowl

Rachel joined The Doula Group as a Birth Doula in 2016. She has a special interest in serving young mothers and parents whose partners are service personnel abroad. Rachel believes that each parent should find their own unique way to birth and bond with their baby.

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Christy Medeiros

Christy has been attending births for almost twenty years as a birth companion and has recently completed the doula certification process. Recognizing that birth has such a profound impact on life, her goal is to provide support to her clients that results in wonderful memories of a positive birth experience.

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Elizabeth Boyd

Elizabeth is a birth and postpartum doula.  She is a natural care-giver with a strong history of helping those she works with achieve their goals.  Elizabeth has a special interest in  importance of sleep and its affect on on a parent's mental health. Elizabeth offers unbiased support and encourages her clients to make informed decisions in order to achieve an empowering birth experience.

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Sarah MacIsaac

Sarah is a birth and postpartum doula. When she discovered the world of Doula work, she knew immediately that was it for her! Up until Sarah's transition to doula work she had worked mainly in the hospitality industry but always knew something was missing. She is so glad my life’s journey let her into this path.

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Chantel Felhaber

Chantel is a DONA-certified postpartum doula.  She is passionate about supporting infants and families postpartum as they recover and adjust to their new normal. She offers daytime and overnight support.  Her kind, gentle, and non-judgmental approach will provide personalized support for each client.  Chantel has extensive experience supporting children and families in various settings such as homes, childcare, schools, and therapeutic settings.  Experienced in Autism, ADHD and anxiety supports.  

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Heather MacDonald

Heather is a trained Birth Doula and Registered Massage Therapist. Heather specializes in VBAC births and has a keen interest in pelvic floor training for parents who have already experienced childbirth. Heather knows that the power of positive thinking combined with education and preparation go a long way in achieving goals.

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