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Resources For Your Journey

Pregnancy, Labour and Birth

It can be difficult to navigate choices in reading material, both digital and printed. Many people are interested in learning about birth through video footage and parenting forums.  Our Doulas have put together their favourite educational material just for you.

Memories That Last a Lifetime

The Postpartum Journey

When you imagine life after birth, how do you envision it?  Our Doulas have put together a fabulous resource page to help you navigate this joyful, and challenging, time.

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Becoming a Doula

Passionate About Birth? It's a Thing.

What every Doula needs to know BEFORE becoming a Doula and what every Doula needs to remember after their training.  Labour partners have been known to peruse these pages in an effort to assist their partners to the very best of their abilities.

Holistic Community Resources

Community resources are essential pieces of information.  Your Doula is a key to this vast referral network and can make personal recommendations based on individual needs.

Our Trusted Partners

Contracts for Doula Services

All of our Doulas work with a contract.  This protects both the consumer and the Doula to ensure that all information is understood by all involved. Expectation and reality shake hands in this document.

The Doula Group

Evaluation of Services

The Doula Group

This form is designed to evaluate Doula services offered by The Doula Group.  All information is strictly confidential and is sent only to the Directors. The Doula Group strives for quality care and we utilize all information given to continue to provide outstanding services to our growing communities.

Pregnancy & Infant Loss Doulas & Resources

When special support is required, The Doula Group will provide excellence in care in a culturally appropriate, sensitive manner. Our doulas are expertly trained and can provide a multitude of resources as you navigate this unexpected path.

The Doula Group

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