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The Postpartum Journey

Newborn Baby Sleeping

Resources For Postpartum

Mother and Newborn

Baby Feeding - Bottle

The World Health Organization recommends breast-milk for babies, We recognize that it is not always the right choice for each parent. Please note that while this information pertains to formula, breastmilk or formula are NOT the only options for feeding your newborn or infant. There are many other alternatives and recipes that can be accessed through a Registered Dietitian. Ask your Doula for more information about formula alternatives.

Guilt-Free Bottle-Feeding: Why Your Formula-Fed Baby Can Be Happy, Healthy and Smart

Lactation Support

Judith Andrade RN/OB/LC 705-890-0701 South & West Simcoe

Lucy Bray RN/LC 705-721-7520 x7395 Barrie

Lori Levere RN/LC 705-721-0370 x4 Barrie

Carla Mantero RN/LC 416-799-3355 Simcoe-York

Debbie McKnight RN/OB/LC 705-721-0370 x4 Barrie

Sue Pauhl RN 905-729-1037 South Simcoe

Expert Clinical Care

Newman's BF Clinic Toronto, ON OHIP, Small Fee, Referral Needed

Vic Park BF Clinic Scarborough, ON OHIP, Small Fee, Referral Needed

Doctor's BF Clinic Brampton, ON OHIP, Small Fee, Referral Needed

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