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Finding a Doula

Find a Doula Ontario

When searching for a Doula, many people type the words "Doula" and "City Name" into search engines like Google. The problem with this practice is that it is like findinga name on a bathroom wall and you may miss a lot of really wonderful opportunities to connect with the perfect-fit birth and postpartum professionals.

Within Ontario, if you were to type the city name Barrie, for example, you could potentially miss out on meeting a great Doula from Newmarket, or Alliston, who is willing to travel. Instead, try looking at sites like the Association of Ontario Doulas, DoulaMatch or DONA International. Not only will you find reputable and professional support people in your area and the surrounding regions, you will also find Doulas that have great reviews and are governed by their Certifying Body and/or an Association and this will provide you with greater piece of mind.

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