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Date Night Ideas With a Newborn!

We all deserve a break once in a while, especially when caring for a newborn baby. Often we loose sight of the things we did before baby and become all too consumed in the feedings, bum changes, naps and so on. When you do get that rare opportunity to sneak out with your partner all you’re thinking about is sleep and the baby at home. Date nights don’t always have to be glamorous or expensive, it’s about spending time with your loved one and reconnecting on a deeper level than just the everyday conversations. Here are a few date night ideas that you don’t need a babysitter for!

Date Night The Doula Group

Glass of wine on the front porch

- Sometimes it can be as simple as stepping out the front door

Walk at the lakefront

- or anywhere for that matter.

Backyard picnic during afternoon nap

Popcorn and a movie cuddled up on the couch

Scenic drive to somewhere new

- a favourite date of ours is just to drive, look at our dream houses, talk about life and our goals and enjoy each others company.

A trip to the grocery store finished off with a coffee shop date.

Do a household project together

Enjoy a nice dinner together at home after baby is asleep

Drive in movie

At home paint night

- this one can be super fun since most of us aren’t gifted artists, usually the finished product is half the amusement!

A trip to the local ice cream shop

Game night

- invite another couple over and enjoy an at home game night!

Dessert date

- one person can stop by a favourite bakery for something yummy, wait until the kiddos are asleep, light some candles and enjoy!

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