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2020: A New Day

Being brave.

Sometimes we have to do things afraid. This is a thought on both labour and life - as it often happens, so many parallels. Approaching labour can be filled with fear... our past experiences, stories and pictures shared through friends or social media, myths and truths... or for many other reasons. There are times when fears don't go away before labour no matter how much we talk, read, listen, or how much we know the myths and truths are actually myths and non-truths. ⁠ As we begin today, January 1st, a new year, and yipes... a new decade, there are some of us who aren't mentally taking it by storm. Some of us are approaching in trepidation, and fear. Facing a new year or decade seems like a big deal when the last decade has been speckled with grief, or not enough change, or little growth, or too much change, unexpected paths, or goals not met. Each of these most likely had some sort of intention to switch things up for good. And now... the fear of a new year without changing junk within ourselves. ⁠ So now what?! ⁠ You are enough. Even with fear. That fear may not leave. And that's okay. Sometimes fear doesn't go away, so we must do things afraid. We are brave. But we don't have to be brave alone. We are in community. Reach out. There are "Doulas" for many life circumstances. Find that person with wisdom. A parent, a friend, a spouse, a care provider, the person in the office who has lunch at the same time as you, the career counselor at the Job Centre… someone in your corner, to support, for wisdom, to be the life cheerleader of every one step, every breath, every tear, every obstacle, and every yay. ⁠

It’s not a new decade, it’s a new day. And we are here to tell you: you’ve got this.


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