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Don't Stop Until You're Proud

So much of our goal as your Doula is for you to look back on your birth as a positive experience, no matter how your baby was placed into your arms – that you felt like you were part of your journey, and that you were heard and supported.

Like reaching for your life’s dreams and goals, the journey of birth can take on many paths. Set your journey, and don’t stop until you are proud, no matter what path is taken. This list (not in any particular order) is for your journey… for life, for pregnancy, for labour, for your early postpartum days, and for parenthood.

Gain knowledge. Ask questions. Say yes. Say no. Dig deep. Push harder. Push less. Deep S L O W Breaths. Take one more step. Wise counsel. Advocate. Ask for help Self-care. Love others. Do you.


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