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3 Things You NTK to Create an Intimate Birth Experience

1. Hire a Doula. - The Doula can enhance or create intimacy in the most unlikely ways and in situations that seem improbable. The Doula is also like a wedding planner, sherpa and insurance package all rolled into one person that holds the space for your deepest desires and can guide you through them and help to create the environment of your choice. Allow the Doula to take photos. You can always delete the ones you don't like and you don't need to share the photos. It is just nice to have them for yourself. The types of photos most Doulas take will blow you away. Portraits of intimacy are always appreciated by our clients. For partners who become apprehensive or nervous during labour, your Doula will make you look like a superstar and restore the intimacy you were both looking for.

Photo Cred: Jonathan Borba

2. Choose Your Birth Provider - Who attends your birth makes a big difference in creating an environment of sacredness and intimacy. Make sure that the person you choose is likely to be the person at your birth. It is important that all others that could be your primary healthcare provider during labour follow similar protocols and make you feel respected and heard.

Photo Cred: John Looy

3. Create Your Baby's Birth Room - Know what articles you will need to bring with you to enhance feelings of security, freedom, and familiarity if you are birthing in a hospital. If you are planning a homebirth, what do you want the room to portray in your baby's birth story? Your own bedroom is not necessarily your birth room. Create your story.

Photo Cred: Andrea Bertozzini


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