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Celebrate Your Pregnancy with Henna

Hey Mama,

Your pregnancy is the sacred rite of passage and your baby's entrance into this world.

Prenatal Henna is a way of blessing your belly. A celebration of your pregnancy.

cobi sharpe photography
Prenatal Henna Belly Blessing

When my friend, Janet, reached out to me about a Prenatal Henna Session and Photo Shoot, I couldn’t be more excited! She wanted to do something special for herself and include her son with the celebration of her second child.

cobi sharpe photography
Outlining Janet's son's hand prints on her belly.

She had the idea to include her son’s hand prints on her belly. In all faiths, Hamsa Hand is a protective sign. It brings its owner happiness, good luck, health and good fortune.

This was a beautiful idea to honour Janet’s journey birthing her baby and her baby’s safe and healthy passage into the world.

Cobi Sharpe Photography
In all faiths, Hamsa Hand is a protective sign. It brings its owner happiness, luck, health and good fortune

Prenatal henna can be done at any time during pregnancy, but most pregnant women choose to do it in their third trimester - around 36 weeks gestation. An increasing number of expectant mothers are choosing to hold Blessingways (also known as belly blessings) in lieu of or in addition to the traditional western “baby shower.”

The henna process usually takes 90 - 120 minutes, depending on the intricacy of the design.

Cobi Sharpe Photography
Sessions include a warm cup of tea, a guided meditation or calming music.

the why

Something as special as drawing your child’s hand prints on your belly as a sign of protection should be honoured.

You should be honoured.

It’s another way to:

  • celebrate your pregnancy

  • celebrate your baby’s birth

  • celebrate your transition into motherhood

Henna is meant to bring good luck and offer protection. And, applying henna was and is a therapeutic gift to the expecting mom, leaving her feeling honoured and relaxed.

cobi sharpe
A relaxed mama being honoured and celebrated
Janet decided to follow up her Prenatal Henna documentary-style photo shoot with a maternity photo shoot. Feel free to scroll through these great shots!

I had so much fun documenting this for Janet who is welcoming her second child. It was so fun to include Arlow in the whole process.

If you would like to request a Prenatal Henna session, please get in touch. You could also consider including it in the following ceremonies:

  • Mother Rising

  • Blessingway

  • Baby Shower

  • Mother Blessing

I’d love to make this happen for you!


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