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Why You Need to Be in Your Family Photos

Listen mama, I’m going to be honest with you.

I hate being in photos!

They’re never flattering, I instantly pick apart the way I look, and they’re not authentic because I have them retaken until I’m somewhat okay with the final picture. I struggle with self confidence issues, I’m super hard on myself and I never look back at the pictures because I don’t want to look at myself.

I also have a great excuse - I’m always the one behind the camera. But I’ve realized that I’m jeopardizing my own family’s story. My daughter is not going to have very many photographs of me to look back on in years to come. It will be hard for her to piece together our relationship, especially in these early years when she’s young.

It’s important to document growth.

Me not being in photos aside, we forget about our past because we’re so busy building our future. Our babes grow up too fast. Next thing you know they’re off to post-secondary school or off traveling the world. You might be scrolling through your phone photos and see none of you with your kids.

None when they were babies, none when they were little and none when they were teenagers. You’re not present AT ALL. It’s almost like you didn’t even exist.

It’s important to document the here and now with them. Bedtime routines, baking or cooking together, reading - anything. It can be an authentic documentary-style photo shoot or more planned like a lifestyle where photographs are thought-out.

Life happens.

We may not want to admit it but the essence of our family changes constantly and often without warning. There’s no reason to waste the opportunity to capture life together now.

You change, mama. You adapt and grow along with your family. But you’re not in any of the photographs.

Nowhere are you showing your place in the family. Your strength, your playfulness, your importance.

Relive memories.

Photographs in general bring us back in time. Take the photo below for example.

This was the very. first. time. my daughter saw a jack-o-lantern. The very first time she peeked inside.

I’m so happy that I have this photograph of her to relive this memory. It’s so magical watching a baby go through their firsts with things.

Your family photos have the same power. They bring us back in time. They are part of our legacy.

But if you’re never in any of them, what legacy is being left behind?

Below is a session I did with mama, Serene. We hung out for a couple of hours and photographed her along with her family to help document her life here and now.

I like to focus on Motherhood when doing a photo sesh. Of course I take family shots, but I’m very much thinking about mama and her role in the family and trying to capture that in photographs.

I love photographing outside, inside - wherever! It’s really about documenting your family life.

It would be so nice to leave those photographs behind for your family for years to come.

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Debra Bowser
Debra Bowser
09 dic 2019

Oh my word there is so much truth here! Don't let your kids figure this out as they are making funeral plans as adults and trying to put together photo memories.

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