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Doctor Or Midwife?

What are the differences between having a doctor and a midwife at your birth and why do people prefer one over the other? A quick reference will have you make the decision that is right for you.

  • Midwives tend to have a more holistic, natural philosophy about childbirth, whereas obstetricians are more likely to have a medical perspective and view birth as a risk.

  • Midwives tend to spend more time with you during labour and in prenatal visits than an obstetrician, who may be in and out of the birthing room until the final stages of pushing and birth.

  • Obstetricians are more likely than midwives to use medical interventions such as inductions, continuous monitoring, episiotomies as well as recommend caesareans.

  • Midwives, can also offer homebirths in addition to hospital births, unlike obstetricians who practice only in a hospital setting.

  • Obstetricians are trained as surgeons and can do a caesarean, whereas a midwife cannot perform major surgery.

  • Obstetricians can treat both low and high-risk mothers but midwives can see only low-risk patients.

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