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DOULA - An Ancient Art Form

Women have been supporting women through pregnancy, labour, and postpartum since the beginning of time. The look of a Doula has changed, especially over the past 20 years (women, men, younger, older, with kids, without kids), but our role has essentially remained the same.

Doulas and those who have hired Doulas know that our support is about communication without words, understanding without explanation. It’s about being in tune with someone who, just a few months or weeks ago, was a stranger. It’s about taking on someone else’s needs as if they were your own. It’s about the pure intent of caring for someone deeply, for no other reason but that they deserve it. It’s about the human connection; in the raw moments of labour when you look into the eyes of your Doula and she in yours, you know that she understands, she gets it, and you can let go.

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