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Do You Feel Beautiful?

It’s okay to say it. I am beautiful. It’s okay to say it, even if you don’t believe it. ☆

Pregnancy is often portrayed as a beautiful time of life, when we all can accept our bodies (like a hall pass, thanks for the permission) because we are growing another human. Which is for sure pretty bad ass. But it’s okay if you don’t feel that way. If you are pregnant and don’t think you are beautiful. That’s okay. ☆

And then there’s your postpartum body. You’ve seen the posts of postpartum bodies and people either fighting them to get back to “normal” or accepting them as what they are. And yet, you’re not feeling either, you’re just feeling, “Ugh and whatever.” That’s okay. ☆

Hear us out though… we want you to feel beautiful no matter where you are at. Yet this doesn’t come overnight. It’s a process. It doesn’t need to be an outward image thing. (Social media is a killer for this expectation, right!?) Look at yourself from your partner’s eyes, from your child’s eyes, from the eyes of your close family and friends. They see YOU, the entire package. Your heart, spirit, wisdom, soul, and body. All of you. That’s why they love you. ☆

So, we encourage you to take a first step… look in the mirror and look into your eyes. Maybe even through tears because you’ve never looked deeply into your own eyes before and when you’re really looking, it can feel somewhat overwhelming. Again, that’s okay. Ride it out. Look at YOU from the loving perspective of your loved ones. Guaranteed they see badass and beauty. Ride their wave for a moment. Let go with a deep slow breath, and say, “I am beautiful.” Maybe just for today. Maybe just simply for this moment. ☆

You are loved. You are badass. And you are beautiful. 💕

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