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Midwife vs. Doula

⁠We've had a large number of inquiries over this Pandemic asking us about Doula care vs Midwifery care, with many assuming that they would have one or the other. So let's clear things up:⁠

  1. ⁠Doulas do not perform any clinical or medical tasks. It is our policy at The Doula Group that our Doulas do not attend births unless there is a registered obstetrical professional present at the birth. In Ontario, that means a registered Ontario Midwife (at home or hospital) or an Obstetrician or other medical professional (hospital birth). ⁠

⁠That's it. Number one. ⁠

⁠The majority of people understand that OBs and (some GPs) specialize in catching babies and that's their role in birth.⁠

⁠Some people don't realize that Ontario Midwives have been regulated in our province, covered by OHIP, for over 25 years and specialize from day one in training in comprehensive perinatal health and catching babies, and that's their role in birth. They have seriously mad medical skills. ⁠

⁠There remains a notion that the role of the Ontario Midwife doesn't fit into modern medicine, or in medicine at all. But if we can bring ourselves to 2021 please... Midwifery care in Ontario is to provide low-risk pregnant families with safe, regulated, supported, peaceful, and medical births in the comfort of the home or in the comfort of a hospital labour room. ⁠

And, in comes the role of the Birth Doula!⁠

⁠A Doula's role in labour is to know the client and to support them in labour. This ability to stay focused on labour support is a Doula's greatest skill and best gift. A Doula knows the client and their birth wishes well. This intimacy allows them to keep the focus on labour goals. The Doula is the objective coach, sherpa, wise counsel that helps motivate their client to believe in their strength and to achieve what they didn't think was possible. ⁠

⁠The Doula's greatest tools in her doula bag is her voice and her hands and with those, our Doulas at The Doula Group bring our training, wisdom, and professionalism that lifts our high standards for your complete care.

⁠⁠⁠Your Doula and your Midwife make a great team together. But they don't replace each other. If you want to add a Doula to your Midwifery or OB birth team, click here to get in touch.

Photo taken and owned by our Executive Director, Doula Debra Bowser, sharing birth teamwork in 2020 during the pandemic, and before stricter guidelines for PPE were in place. Midwife Marie of Barrie Midwives diligently goes through her famously known Placenta Tour for medical purposes and to show the client where their baby had grown. Clearly, Dad is enjoying the tour too with a smiling mouth, open wide in an exaggerated expression of "Wow, this is wild!" ❤

Pictures shared with permission from Barrie Midwives and the client.


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