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Week One: Un-Perfect Parenthood

Welcome to un-perfect parenthood. It never is perfect. Well, maybe the smell of newborn baby head... thank you Hormones! So if the expectation is perfection then the next crapper is guilt. Who wants guilt when you're figuring out your newborn?

Skip the laundry. Skip the dishes. Throw away expectations (yours and your mother-in-law's). Scrap the romantic notion of breastfeeding. Toss out routine. Flip the bird to the next person who asks "is she a good baby?"

Say hello to the messy bun, smelling your baby's head for hours on end, wearing full coverage underwear that IS your new sexy for the next couple of weeks (or years, your choice). Knowing there is no right or wrong, black or white, no rules to doing this mom thing. Take a deep breath, look at each detail of your baby's face for the billionth time today, and know that they need you, just you, as you are. Not perfect, not knowing all the answers, just you.

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