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10 Tips for New Dads

Every new dad has lots to learn once their new baby makes its way into the world. These top 10 tips come from other dads that have been there and what they want you to know ahead of time.

1) Be there and get involved right from the start.

Take time of work for the first week or two if possible you won’t regret it. Be an active part of your baby’s care right from the get go. 2) Spend time together with your partner.

Baby’s take up a lot of time but don’t forget to steal a few moments with just you and your partner. Watch a movie, eat some take-out, just look at each other and breathe. This is a momentous time of your lives, and you need an hour or so a day to soak that in. 3) Change Diapers!

There will be A LOT of diapers in the life of your baby so take some turns. It’s a great way to bond with your baby and make your marriage stronger. In addition remember you can never use too many wipes!! 4) Don’t let anyone tell you that you are the backup parent or that you are "baby sitting".

You are an equal partner in crime for this new little life. Don’t let the initial weeks let you think you don’t have an important role in every step as your baby grows and develops. 5) Make time for the other relationships in your life.

Your Dad role is an important one but even more important is for your child to watch you as spouse, partner, friend, son etc. By watching you in these roles your child will learn how to have healthy, loving relationships. 6) Accept all offers of help and babysitting!

This one is self explanatory. When offers of help are given say Yes!! 7) Have patience.

Bringing a new baby into your life and your home is a big deal. It can be as stressful at times as it is beautiful at others. But always remember that the more you hold your cool and the more you think and resolve things in a humble peaceful manner, the better man you will be for the people in your life who need you and depend upon you. 8) Interact with your baby.

For the first 6 weeks or so your baby won’t give you much feedback or interaction. Hang in there and keep talking to your baby and making eye contact. It will be worth it when your baby finally smiles back at you!

9) Love, love, love.

As mammals we are hardwired to love and care for each other. There’s some interesting data that suggests, when parents a

nd children interact, the emotional part of the brain, resonate and adjust to each other. This means that after a while both you and your baby become attuned to the presence of the other. 10) Move, move, move.

Infants are a fan of motion. They love and need to be bounced, swayed, and jostled. Movement helps them develop their brains, their balance, and their trust. Don’t be afraid to try some different movements to see which your baby likes best.

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