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A Parent's Resolution

The new year is approaching. Some of us think ahead to resolutions, or promises we want to keep for ourselves. So many times they are hard to keep, unless we are willing to love ourselves more, on a deeper level.

Start with this resolution for 2019. I Will Trust My Instincts. So often they shout at us, and yet we don't listen. So often they whisper softly to us, and yet we don't trust. If you're not used to listening to and trusting your instincts it can take a little time. It requires intentionality. Stop and mindfully choose. Eventually it will become easier.

Be kind to yourself, and keep listening. Many times clients first assume that our role as Doulas is to guide them by telling them how to do labour, or how to care for their babies. Our role is to help guide you, yes, but not always as one might think. We encourage you to listen and trust what your heart, inner voice, whatever that little thing is that may be nagging at you is telling you – for you, for your baby, for your family. Yes you will seek and hear wise counsel from family, care providers, trusted friends, your Doula... but bottom line is, your journey as a mom to your new little one has just begun, they are yours, and your instincts will tell you how to love them. Love yourself, listen and trust.

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