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Are Prenatal Classes Worth It? Exploring the Benefits for Expectant Parents

A Grateful Client Guest Blog Takeover:

When I found out I was pregnant, I immediately signed up for prenatal classes. I signed up for an online class and that didn't help ease my fears or prepare me for labour. My partner and I then decided to go to a one-day class taught by a nurse. We still didn't feel super confident and found we couldn't remember some of the material as time went on. It was our midwife who recommended classes with Melissa, a certified childbirth educator. I wasn't sure if I wanted to take more classes but I did want to learn everything I needed to know to have a smooth and informed pregnancy and labour experience.

melissa cowl prenatal class

My experience with Melissa's classes was nothing like I expected. I quickly realized that I didn't know what I didn't know. Each class was eye-opening and filled with valuable information that I had never even considered. Melissa's approach to prenatal education was holistic and comprehensive, covering not just the physical aspects of pregnancy and labour, but also the emotional and mental aspects. My husband and I felt very confident after each class, particularly when it came to informed consent and asking more specific questions during our labour. Melissa emphasized the importance of being informed and empowered during the labour process, and her classes equipped us with the knowledge and tools to do just that.

We learned about different pain management techniques, the stages of labour, and how to advocate for ourselves and our baby's well-being. But what I appreciated the most about Melissa's classes was that they didn't just focus on the labour and delivery aspect of pregnancy. We also learned about postpartum care, breastfeeding, and even how to handle the emotional changes that come with becoming a parent. Each week, my husband and I would go home and have conversations that made us feel like we could handle whatever came next.

We were grateful for the open and safe space that Melissa created in her classes, allowing us to ask questions and share our fears and concerns. One of the things that stood out to me the most was that Melissa encouraged us to take the time to process the information and come back with any questions we may have had. This was a refreshing change from the traditional one-day prenatal classes recommended by friends. In those classes, we felt rushed and overwhelmed with information, and there was no opportunity to ask follow-up questions or clarify any doubts.

I feel very fortunate that our midwife recommended these classes and wish we had done them first. Looking back, I can confidently say that the one-day classes are not worth the time or money. Melissa's classes were worth every penny, and I am grateful that we invested in them. My partner and I hit labour with confidence, and I am so grateful for his support. He was not just a bystander during the labour process; he was an active participant, thanks to the knowledge and skills we gained from Melissa's classes.

I am grateful for the valuable lessons we learned, and I am confident that they will continue to benefit us in our journey as parents.

TBB, April 2024


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