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Don't Hug Your Doula

May is International Doula Month. We used to say, like just last year, "Hug a Doula" to celebrate International Doula Month.

This year we are holding off on the hugs, but we're still celebrating around the world... Doulas are not new, they have helped people thrive, cry, moan, and exhale through labour from the beginning. Mother, grandmother, auntie, sister, friend, the wisdom passed on, the one with the official Doula title versed in the physiology and emotion of labour. We've come a long way as professionals in delivery rooms and homes around the world, so much so that research studies have proven the undeniable benefits to the babies, mothers, parents, families of the continuous objective support found from a Doula's care; research publicly recognized by the SOGC and recent

Covid-19 directives out of the State of New York. This year we celebrate our journey over milestones, our care, our work that is birthed from wisdom and heart, our profession. We celebrate our community's families whose strength and power through labour we see always, even in moments when they can't see it themselves. We take our clients' birth wishes, what we know, our understanding, and our continuous training and we stitch them together. The outcome? Always YOUR birth story, and yours alone. We celebrate being Doulas through your experiences in birth and parenthood. That is being a Doula. We look forward to the celebratory hugs again soon (this year our families will have to do 😀.) We extend them to you, your family, and the rest of our communities as we continue to celebrate and advocate for holistic maternal wellness and why birth matters. Keep washing your hands.


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