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144 Floors Up, 1776 Steps: A Labour of Love for WWF

In a remarkable display of determination and support, three of our Doulas embarked on a grueling climb to the very top of the iconic CN Tower in Toronto. Their mission: to raise awareness and funds for the essential work of World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Canada.

The ascent, spanning 144 floors and 1776 steps, was a formidable physical and mental challenge. The doulas, Christy Medeiros, Sarah MacIsaac and Mélissa Cowl (me!) took this journey one step at a time, one breath at a time. This experience, they agreed, echoed the arduous experience of childbirth.

The three doulas each experienced challenges which served to fuel their tenacity and determination and firm their resolve to reach the top. Perseverance was key as was extreme focus and flexibility in pre-climb strategic planning. They had the unwavering support and encouragement of their fellow climbers which kept them going. Like expectant mothers, they relied on their intuition, their breathing and mental-strength strategies. They took breaks, as needed, and were steadfast in their unwavering belief in their ultimate goal. Christy noted, that as the climb got tougher, her focus turned inward and introspective. She was with thousands of others and all alone, pushing through.

There were some on the ascent that took a different door to the top. This was an unanticipated door for most participants that took this other path. There was a sense of loss about not getting where they wanted to go, in the way they had planned to, but others taking the door still felt a sense of achievement even though the route was slightly different. The view at the top was the same for everyone no matter which route got them there. The sense at the top was one of celebration. The climb was absolutely a metaphor for the challenges faced in labour, birth and parenting.

An overwhelming sense of accomplishment washed over them as they finally reached the top of the tower, Not only had they conquered a physical feat, but they had also made a tangible contribution to a cause close to their hearts. WWF is dedicated to preserving the world's wildlife and their habitats, ensuring that future generations can marvel at the same wonders we have witnessed.

Doulas climb the CN Tower

The doulas' climb served as a powerful reminder of the importance of this work and the parallels of their own profession. Their unwavering determination and the belief in the power of collective action serve as a beacon of hope for the future of wildlife and our planet. For more information on WWF Canada and how you can support their work, please visit:


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