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Looking for a Shower Gift?


This children's board book touches on so many important wishes that we might have for our children. It is about gratitude, growing into and following our dreams, being there for each other and the earth, and most importantly sharing our lives and love with those around us.

I loved this book because of the beautiful messages and the opportunity it gave me to talk about these lessons with my family. Cultivating gratitude in our children must begin at a young age and with simple, short messages about the things we might typically take for granted, this book allows parents to add on their own thoughts and listen to their child's thoughts on what that looks like for them. For example, one of the messages is "may we have enough to lighten each other's sorrows" and you might discuss with your child how that could mean cheering up a friend when they are sad (if that would be age appropriate for them).

This book is also important because of its representation of indigenous families. It was written by the indigenous author, Richard Van Camp and the photographs that illustrate it were taken by a collective of indigenous women photographers called Tea and Bannock. It is important to for indigenous youth to see individuals like themselves in the pages of books and to know that individuals that share their background are writing books, taking pictures and making an impact.

If you are looking for reading material that will touch the hearts of you and your children💗 - this is a great option. "

It is a lovely baby-shower or Blessing Way gift! Contact your local independent book store for "May We Have Enough to Share" by Richard Van Camp


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