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My Baby is an Asshole

This is a direct quote from a guilt-filled new mom. Harsh? Have you thought it? Have you admitted it?⁠

⁠It's okay to not like this small human who came out of you and isn't meeting your expectations. They could be going through a day of assholery. Or a week. Or a season. You were supposed to be in this together, right? But it feels like you're doing it alone while this little squish isn't keeping up with their end of the bargain. And the only saving grace: they're cute.⁠ We get it. We see it. We see you. AND we're here to 100% validate this statement. Babies can be assholes. ⁠ It won't last forever. Tomorrow IS another day. Gather up your village. Put your support people on alert. Say it out loud to someone you trust (not everyone is going to be okay with the truth). At the end of the day, we pull up our big kid panties and make it all come together. But when you're in the midst of it... it's so much frustration, so many questions, complete exhaustion, and the GUILT – oh the damn guilt.⁠ Drop the guilt. There is help. And that help could be as simple as 15 minutes alone in the bathroom, a walk around the block on your own, a regular chat with your partner or a friend. Or it could be more help... bringing in postpartum support, talking to your care provider, ringing up a counselor. ⁠ Validation is so important. You have it here.⁠ If you live in Canada, click "here" if you simply need a free 15-minute bathroom chat through our Dial-a-Doula program. Chat, resources, vent, ask questions. Pandemic newborn living can be a heavy-huge thing. #TheDoulaGroup #AssholeBabies #NewParents

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