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Questions for Your Doula Trainer

In school, we don’t often get a choice of teachers. However, we all know what happens when students have educators they don’t like or respect. With so many new options for training and workshops popping up, it may be just the right time to start asking more questions before embarking on your own education.

These are some suggestions that may assist you in finding the right group facilitator and educator:

  1. Why did you become a doula?

  2. How many clients do you currently see in a year?

  3. What made you decide to become a trainer?

  4. How many years have you been a trainer/doula?

  5. What are your biggest challenges as a doula?

  6. Why did you choose the particular organization that you work under and why do you continue to work with them?

  7. Are there any changes you would like to see in the next five years for this profession?

  8. Do you recommend that new doulas carry insurance?

  9. What professional organizations or State/Provincial groups are you affiliated with?

  10. What is the most rewarding part of your work?

Sometimes, the answer to the questions are important to your decisions but often it is the way that they are answered that is more significant. Don’t email them and wait for a scripted response. Have a phone conversation, listen to the person and engage in the feeling and trust your instincts to find the right fit.

What are your three make-or-break questions in finding an educator?

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