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Pregnant? Take A Doula Training

Alliston Ontario Birth Doula Workshop

While most people taking a birth doula workshop are aspiring birthworkers, there is a growing trend in pregnant people attending this workshop to better understand pregnancy, childbirth and early parenting. There are also many people taking this course whose first birth did not go quite as expected and are now searching for a different experience for their next birth. In fact, there are also a fair amount of new parents attending doula training after being blown away by their stellar birth experience and wanting to be able to help others achieve this. Every workshop is like a tapestry filled with a variety of colourful stories of how we all came together. We celebrate our joys and triumphs, we shed a few tears and we blast roadblocks out of our way.

Can you Doula yourself through birth? Not really, but the education and information you receive through this training program will help you make decisions based on evidence, research and best practice. Come join us and be the change.

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