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Handling the Challenge

Today, I did something that really challenged me and like all things, it reminded me of the very essence of our lives. The beginning. Birth. There are challenges to be met by parents and their babies. When ready through this, think of this piece from the point of view of your own life lessons but then read it again from a parent/baby perspective.

  • Sometimes you have to push a little harder to see just how far you can go.

  • Sometimes you you to recognize your limitations and be comfortable with you did accomplish and where you ended up.

  • Trust your instincts.

  • Whenever you do something challenging, you will make friends along the way. You are never alone.

  • One step at a time can often get you to your goal.

  • Sometimes you don't need to plan ahead. Living in the moment will give you all you need.

  • It is okay to stop, look around, take a break, and then push on.

  • Have faith in yourself and trust your team.

  • Accept the support and encouragement of others. Believe it when people tell you that you are doing well. If you weren't, someone would want to change something.

  • Remember that when the challenge is done, and they do end, you will know more about yourself than you did before.


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