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How to Ensure Proper Sleep with a Newborn in the House: Tips and Strategies

There's so much written about getting or training your newborn to sleep but the reality is that newborn babies are meant to be wakeful. If you find that you are struggling with your newborn's sleep schedule then Look no further! Our guide will teach parents how to adapt their own sleep patterns to their baby's needs, creating a harmonious environment for all. Say goodbye to exhaustion and hello to being the best version of yourself for the whole family.

  1. Establish a bedtime routine for yourself as the parent so that the baby learns these cues.

  2. Create a soothing environment that allows you to rest even if you don't get to sleep for as long as you need to.

  3. Understand safe sleep so you don't have any anxiety about putting your baby down.

  4. Create space and time for napping and master this as a true art form. This is trickier when there is a toddler to care for so be imaginative and creative in your mastery plan.

  5. Trade off baby care with a partner, a trusted friend or family member or a postpartum doula and trust that you will be woken to feed your baby, as needed. Advantages include reduced stress, improved mood, and increased energy levels. Say goodbye to exhaustion and sleep deprivation and hello to being the best version of yourself with our expert advice!

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