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7 Ways to Stay Motivated While Doing Hard Things

Motivation for Difficult Times

Have you ever felt like you're facing an uphill battle? We have all been there. Doing hard things isn't easy but it's where growth happens. Whether you are going from adulthood to parenthood or going from parent of one to parent of two - there's a challenge. Sometimes the challenge is getting pregnant, or staying pregnant. Sometimes people have insanely rocky pregnancies or labours from hell. Sometimes breastfeeding is the problem and sometimes you find yourself in the midst of a full blown postpartum mood disorder. Becoming a parent is meant to challenge you. It changes you. Here are a few reminders for your parenting path.

  1. Set goals. Small goals. Big Goals. Sequential goals. Just set goals.

  2. It might feel odd to need a reminder, but stay focused on your endgame. Recall or have reminders of your reasons for doing what you're doing.

  3. Know what motivates you and make sure your birth or postpartum team understands this.

  4. Break down the task into manageable smaller sections. See above notes on goals.

  5. Take regular breaks to assess or reassess where you have come from and what has been accomplished so far.

  6. Be adaptable. Sometimes you need to change the route and that's okay.

  7. Celebrate small victories. Reward yourself. I like fudgeeo rewards but you do you.

If you are tackling something particularly difficult or getting out of your comfort zone, remember, you are capable of more than you think. Try to remember to embrace the challenge, push through any discomfort and watch yourself emerge stronger on the other side. Remember you are a kick ass warrior parent. As your doula group of choice, we would totally say, let's crush those hard things together.


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