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Here Comes a Rant

Can we choose to sparkle behind a mask? Oh yes we can. Are we being a tad passive aggressive this beautiful sunny Monday morning in Central Ontario? Oh, yes, we are Are we about to rant on Ontario's asses? Here we go...

What we know... the experts and professionals who are keeping up with the nature of this virus and learning daily about how we can protect our Province, Country, World from allowing it to continually spread, are working hard. Why do we listen and care? Why do we wear our masks, sanitize our hands, limit our exposure?

On a very personal note, because we want to again see and hug our health-compromised parents, our sisters and brothers, our nieces and nephews, our dear friends who help bring us joy on the daily. Limiting exposure to this virus and NOT seeing our loved ones means we can support our communities' families (at home since we can't support them in most Ontario hospitals STILL). Why do we want to keep doing the Doula thing? So that families can have higher rates of birth positive experiences, less rates of high interventions and cesarean births, higher chances of successful breastfeeding, strong bonds with their babies. We don't do our jobs because of the mythical, we do what we do because of science AND because we see it in each client... the positives that last their lifetimes.

We wear our masks for our loved ones, and selfishly for ourselves, and because we want to continue to and go back to supporting clients as birth professionals no matter where our clients choose to birth their babies.

Numbers in Ontario are rising. All of the provincial regions where we serve and care for you have moved to higher Pandemic protective levels. We are personally seeing and feeling the affects as our Team has family and friends who have lived and are still living and suffering with COVID-19. YOUNG and old(er). People we care deeply for. Testing positive. Suffering. Long term effects. That are real. That suck. That break the hearts of the family who surround them. Daily. It's not fake. It's real. Real life.

Can we still choose to Sparkle on a Monday, or any day, through this? Yes of course we can. We can spread the Sparkle to every person we meet? Hell yes! We can also choose NOT to spread COVID-19 while we do it! We can all be in this together. If we are intentional and deliberate. If we choose. And if we wear the damn masks. It's NOT rocket science. But it is science.


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