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Pregnancy-Related Cancer?

Do you know the facts about Choriocarcinoma?

Choriocarcinoma is a malignant and very aggressive tumour which originates from the placenta. It is aggressive and therefore can rapidly spread. It occurs either shortly after any pregnancy (livebirth, stillbirth, miscarriage or abortion) or is associated with the occurrence of a molar pregnancy. It can be mistaken as a pregnancy (as a positive on a pregnancy test) and therefore detected too late for successful treatment.

Women who die of cancer within one year of a pregnancy often are mis-categorized and this cancer is not as rare as the statistics make it out to be.

Know the facts, talk to your care provider, be informed so you can protect yourself. Ask for a simple blood test at your six-week postpartum visit.

In honour and love of our friend and Doula, Sarah Turpin and her family. #ForSarahsKids


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