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Resolutions Without Action

"A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish." This is a popular and wise January quote that we see each year as people think about their goals for the New Year.

What about your Goals for birth? Are you visualizing your ideal birth? Do Birth Plans make you run the other way, or are you keen to lay it all out? Do you have a plan to help guide you towards your Birth Goals? Because as in life, if you have a goal and you don't make a plan then really you are simply wishing for the best – during one of the most significant experiences of your lifetime.

Your Birth Plan doesn't have to be a five-page essay, in fact we recommend that you simply it. We also suggest thinking it through, doing some research and gaining some information about the risks and benefits, and then putting in place the support team you need to help guide you through your birth goals. If that all makes you shiver, know that this is all part of our role as Doulas. We can give you recommendations on how to get started and lead you through it.

Knowledge is power. After her positive birth experience, one of our wise clients said, “Be flexible, open-minded, and ready to go-with-the-flow, BUT that only works when you know what your options will be so that informed choices can be made along the way.” #thedoulagroup #goalssetting2019 #goalsetting #makeaplan #birthgoals #birthteam #birthwishes #doulasupport #barriedoula #barrie #simcoecountydoula #simcoecounty #yorkregiondoula #yorkregion #allistondoula #alliston #newmarketdoula #newmarket #orilliadoula #orillia #collingwooddoula #collingwood #babyontheway #postpartumdoula #birth

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